Do I need drone insurance?

You will need drone training insurance to conduct your flight test and you will need drone insurance for any commercial work you do with your drone

As part of being a responsible commercial drone pilot, you will need to get aviation-specific insurance to cover public liability when flying your drone.

Free flight test insurance

As part of the General Visual Line of Sight Certificate (GVC) course, you can get FREE insurance for your Flight Test (which is a requirement) from Coverdrone, simply 'click here' and you can request your free policy for your flight test.

Insurance for your Operational Authorisation

When it comes to applying for your Operational Authorisation from the CAA, you will need aviation-specific public liability insurance in place, however, that doesn't necessarily mean that you have to purchase a 12-month policy.

A lot of people today choose the 'Pay as you fly' option, whereby you purchase insurance for each individual flight. The 2 main companies who offer this type of insurance are Coverdrone and Flock Cover.

We teach you all about insurance requirements on both the A2 CofC and the GVC course and the minimum requirements to comply with any commercial operations.

You can contact the respected companies to get a quote.