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How do I show my ID to my proctor for my examination?

You will hold the ID up to the webcam

You will need to hold up your government-issued ID to the webcam when instructed to do so by the proctor.

Please note: You examiner needs to CLEARLY see your name & photo on your ID. 

If you are using a very low-quality webcam and the room is not brightly lit, the proctor may struggle to check the ID, especially if it's very pixelated or blurry.

We would recommend that you check with a friend or family member using a piece of software like Zoom in advance on the device that you will take your examination to ensure that they can clearly see and read your ID.

If your ID cannot be read then you may have to use a different webcam.

You may be asked to take a photo of your ID with your mobile phone, zoom into the information and present the phone screen to the webcam as a 'last resort'.

Remember, this is an official examination conducted on behalf of the CAA and is fully auditable at any time.

If you fail to produce the correct ID for the examination you will be unable to complete the test & may be subject to a £30 rescheduling fee.