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How is the exam conducted remotely and what equipment will I need?

Essential Equipment required to take the A2 C of C Theory Examination through Examity

You will need to have available/ensure you can comply with the following BEFORE you will be able to successfully undertake your A2 C of C Theory Examination:

  • Have access to a Windows or Mac Desktop or Laptop computer
    • Tablets will not be allowed as you will be required to share your screen at all times which most tablets do not allow.
    • Chromebooks are not compatible with Examity - If you only have access to a Chromebook please call the UAVHUB team on 0800 033 4400
  • Google Chrome Browser or Firefox (The examination system will NOT work in other browsers such as Safari)
  • Microphone (enabled at all times)
  • Webcam (enabled at all times)
    • You will need to show your invigilator around your room in a full 360-degree motion.
      • If your webcam is built into your screen (not a laptop) such as an iMac you will need to use an external webcam
  • Stable Internet Connection
    • A minimum of 2 Mbps is required to take the examination


The A2 C of C Examination is invigilated one-to-one with a live, external Examiner through a third party called Examity

Before you start the examination there are several things your Examiner will do before you start. 

This is an official examination and you must be prepared.

Please read and follow the guidance below thoroughly to ensure that you have the smoothest possible experience for your examination.

Before the Examination

  • You must do the examination on either a Windows PC or Mac 
    • You cannot do the examination on a Chromebook, iPad, iPad Pro or other tablet devices
  • You must have a webcam and microphone and these must be turned on at all times.
    • You must NOT use a headset or wear headphones
  • Please sit in a well-lit room and do not sit with your back to a window.
  • You will need to show your Examiner your Photographic ID (Passport or Driving License)
    • Please keep your mobile phone to hand for this stage in case your webcam has difficulty focussing on the ID.
  • You will be required to allow screen share/screen recording on your device
  • Your examiner will ask for you to show him your workspace and surrounding area using the webcam.
    • Your webcam will need to be detachable, or contained within the laptop so you can show the examiner your desk.
      • if your webcam cable is very short, we would advise you to get a USB cable extender so you have more flexibility so you can show the examiner around easily
    • You will not be able to do this with a desktop with a built-in webcam such as an iMac, unless you are able to move the computer around, such that the Examiner can see your ENTIRE room including UNDER the desk.
    • Please move the webcam slowly as instructed by your Invigilator.
  • Make sure your desk is clear of clutter and notes
  • This is a closed book examination and you must not have any guidance materials printed, onscreen or nearby.
  • You must NOT use multiple monitors.
    • If you have multiple monitors please disconnect and remove these from the desk.
  • The webcam should be placed on your primary monitor so the instructor can see you looking at the screen.
    • If the examiner deems that you are looking away from the monitor 'too often' your examination may be flagged and deemed void.
  • You must be in a quiet room with no distractions.
  • You must be alone for the examination.