1. UAVHub Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
  2. The GVC (General Visual Line of Sight Certificate)

How long is the theory part of the GVC Drone Course?

With UAVHUB, you will only need to attend 1 day in a classroom, however, you will be required to do several hours of E-Learning in advance

Our 1-day GVC Ground School is all theory-based in the classroom. During this day we cover modules from Air Law to Meteorology to Risk Assessments. You will take your theory examination at the end of the day.

Before attending the 1-day ground school and examination, you will need to complete the E-Learning material.

As part of the E-Learning, you will learn about:

  • Air Law & Responsibilities
  • UAS Airspace Operating Principles
  • Airmanship and Aviation Safety
  • Human Performance Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • UAS General Knowledge
  • Operator Responsibilities
  • Operating Procedures
  • UK Low Flying System & Collision Effects*
  • Night Flying*


*These modules are UNIQUE to our ICARUS GVC drone course and go above and beyond the minimum required syllabus.

All course days run promptly from 09:00 (registration from 08.30) to approx. 17:00, please allow ample travel time to and from your course location.

Course attendees must bring a laptop or tablet/mobile device that is WiFi capable to the course as this will be used in classroom activities.


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