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  2. What training do you need for your drone?

What drone training do I need to fly the DJI Inspire, Inspire 2 or Inspire 3 in the UK?

To fly the DJI Inspire series you need to complete the Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Service. If you want to fly closer to busier areas & people you need to complete a GVC Drone Course & apply for a CAA Authorisation

There are a number of things to be aware of depending on what training you currently hold and how you wish to fly. To get the most out of the DJI Inspire series we highly recommend the General VLOS Certificate.


Where Can I Fly?

A3 Subcategory of the Open Category

First, you will need to be registered under the Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Service. This means you will need to sit the online test on the CAA’s website.

You can then fly with no uninvolved people present within the area of flight (at least 50 metres); No flight within 150m horizontally of residential, commercial, industrial or recreational areas.


Specific Category

As the DJI Inspire series of drones are >2kg operators can massively benefit from completing a GVC Drone Course and gaining an Operational Authorisation from the CAA. This will allow you to fly all aircraft between 0 - 25 Kg down to 30 metres on take-off and landing and then maintain a 50-metre bubble separation around your drone from uninvolved people.

With an Operational Authorisation will be able to overfly uninvolved people.

Can I fly commercially?

You can fly commercially with your drone as long as you are operating in the A3 Subcategory of the Open Category and/or holding a CAA Operational Authorisation by completing a GVC course. For any commercial flights you MUST have the correct EC785/2004 compliant commercial insurance in place.