What happens to my A2 Certificate when my CAA Flyer ID expires?

The original UK CAA Flyer ID was only valid for 3 years whereas the A2 Certificate of Competency lasts for 5 - What's the solution?

Pilots who registered with the CAA when the DMARES (Drone and model aircraft registration and education service) went live in November 2019 will need to complete the Flyer ID process again by November 2023. The original CAA Flyer ID had a 3 year expiry date whereas pilots who registered from December 2020 onwards will have a Flyer ID in the 'new format' that is valid for 5 years.

The A2 Certificate of Competency lasts for 5 years from completion & does reference a Pilots UK CAA Flyer ID so there will be a situation where Pilots hold an A2 CofC that is valid for longer than their existing CAA Flyer ID.

The CAA has issued the below advice:

RAEs should not reissue A2 or GVC certificates if only the Flyer ID has changed since the certificate was issued. The A2 CofC and GVC certificates should represent the candidate as they were when their GVC or A2 CofC certificate was issued by the RAE e.g. the Flyer ID at that time. By amending the certificates it would give an inaccurate representation of what was issued by the RAE.

If an applicant is issued with a new Flyer ID, after their A2 CofC or GVC is issued, this should be carried on their person as a separate printout or screenshot. This would work in a similar way to pilots who have a Flyer ID but do not hold an A2 CofC or GVC e.g. they have to produce a printout or screenshot.

The only time the RAE would amend the Flyer ID on a GVC certificate is if they were applying for the addition of fixed-wing or multi-rotor privileges, or if there was a mistake with the original issued certificate.

So in summary, print out or screenshot your certificate and keep this with you on all flights conducted under the A2 subcategory of the Open Category. You will not be issued a new certificate with your new Flyer ID.