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What is the A2 CofC (Certificate of Competency)

The A2 CofC is a competency certificate that will be valid from 1st July 2020 that allows you to fly certain aircraft in the Open Category.

The A2 Certificate of Competency is a new qualification that is being introduced from the 1st July 2020 to allow you to fly certain aircraft within a new set of regulation categories, regardless if you want to fly commercially or for a hobby.


The A2 subcategory will allow you to ‘fly closer to people’ if you hold an A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) in the UK and are flying a C2 class aircraft or if your aircraft is less than 2 kg MTOM (maximum take-off mass).


You can book an A2 CofC Course by clicking here.


C2 Class Aircraft with an A2 CofC

You’ll be able to fly down to 30m of uninvolved people, or down to 5m if the aircraft has been switched to a low-speed mode with a C2 class aircraft.


C2 class aircraft need to have less than a 4 kg MTOM, be ‘safely made’ as determined by EU manufacturer standards, it needs noise limitations, a remote ID and a form of geo awareness.


It also needs a low-speed mode which limits the maximum speed of the aircraft to 3 m/s (approx 6.7 mph). 


Please note: There are NO EXAMPLES of a C2 class aircraft on the market at the time of publishing this article



‘Legacy’ Aircraft with an A2 CofC under 2 kg

If your aircraft is between 250g and 500g MTOM (like the DJI Mavic Mini) then you will need to hold an A2 CofC and then you will be able to fly close to uninvolved people as long as you don’t overfly them.


If your aircraft is between 500g and 2kg MTOM (like the DJI Mavic 2) then you will need to hold an A2 CofC and you will have to maintain a 50m separation distance from uninvolved people.


You will be able to fly these ‘legacy’ aircraft under these permissions with an A2 CofC between 1st July 2020 and 30th June 2022. After this point, you will only be able to fly these aircraft in the A3 ‘far from people’ category which means you’ve got to stay 150m away from residential, industrial, business and recreational areas and a minimum of 50m from uninvolved people.



How do I get an A2 CofC

To get the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC) that will allow you to fly C2 class aircraft down to 30m, or 5m in a low-speed mode or ‘Legacy’ aircraft in an A1 and A2 transitional provision, you firstly need to do the DMARES online examination to get the basic RP competency, and then you will need to take an additional theory test with an RAE (Recognised Assessment Entity).


Please note: RAE is what NQE’s (Nationally Qualified Entities) will transition over to after 1st July 2020 to teach A2 CofC courses and General Visual Line of Sight (GVC) courses.


This will mean learning a syllabus and then sitting a 30 question closed book examination which you will have a minimum of 75 minutes to complete.


There is no practical flight test or operations manual required as part of the course, however, the student will need to have completed a period of practical flight training, either under the guidance of an RAE or under self-monitored circumstances.


The student must declare in writing that they have completed the DMARES and flight training before taking the A2 CofC written examination.


As soon as you pass the written exam you’ll be instantly qualified to fly in the A2 category with a C2 aircraft without having to apply to the CAA.


You’ll also be able to fly ‘legacy’ aircraft under 2 kg MTOM under the permissions summarised below:

  • 250g - 500g MTOM - Fly close but not over uninvolved people
    • From 1st July 2020 until 30th June 2022
    • This includes the DJI Mavic Mini and DJI Spark
  • 500g - 2kg MTOM - Maintain 50m separation distance from uninvolved people.
    • From 1st July 2020 until 30th June 2022
    • This includes the DJI Mavic, Mavic 2 Pro, Mavic 2 Zoom, Phantom 4


Your qualification lasts for 5 years, after which you’ll have to renew it.


You can book onto an A2 CofC course by visiting the link here > https://www.flyicarus.co.uk/products/a2-certificate-of-competency-a2-cofc