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What software should I install to do my online remote examination with Examity?

You should install Zoom and Go To Meeting for your examination

We strongly recommend that you install both Zoom and Go To Meeting to the device that you intend to take your examination on in advance.

Your Proctor will use one of these two pieces of software to record your examination. To save time and stress in advance of your examination, install the software and create a FREE account. You'll then be ready for whichever the Proctor chooses to use.

You can download Zoom here >>> https://zoom.us/download

You can download Go To Meeting here >>> https://global.gotomeeting.com/install

Why can't I choose which one I want to use?

Everyone has a different setup and system requirements. If one piece of software doesn't work (for whatever reason) the Proctor will use the other one.

Remember, you can only take the online examination on a Windows or macOS device (not iPad or other tablets).

If you only have access to a Chromebook, please contact the team directly on 0800 033 4400 as we have an alternative solution for you.