When will my Flyer ID and A2 Course Status show up on the CAA Website?

When someone scans the QR Code on your A2 certificate or checks your Flyer ID, can they see if you've completed your A2 Examination?

There's a couple of elements here...


1) When someone checks the details of someone's Flyer ID, they can see a small amount of information about the operator, via the CAA's website. This is mostly designed to ensure that the person's Flyer ID is valid and to ensure that the Flyer ID the person is using, matches the person who's flying (and they've not copied someone else's Flyer ID!)


2) At the time of writing this article, the CAA DO NOT list the status of a Flyer ID Holder's qualifications. The system simply shows the basic details of the person who's Flyer ID has been entered. There is scope for this functionality to be added, from what we understand & the CAA have said they may be implementing it soon. Until then, though, your A2 Certificate Expiry Date and Details will not show on the CAA's website (unlike Legacy PfCO/OA holders).


3) RAEs (such as ourselves at UAVHub) only upload details to the CAA database once each month. It can then take a further month for the CAA to process the data and add it to their system... So, even when they do show 'A2 Status' on their website, it may be 2 months before your A2 shows up against your record online. Don't worry about this though; provided you are in possession of your official, valid A2 Certificate of Competency; you're allowed to operate in the A2 Subcategory of the Open Category.